How to Crochet a tam aka rasta hat aka rasta slouch hat with a tight weave

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Hello lovlies, this is my first ever crochet pattern, so excuse me if there are some areas that seem a little off

Bless love


ok here we go, the back of my tams have are intentionally wavy because I don’t like the whole neat flat way. In the picture, I have a little hump at the top, but that’s only because of my hair being short and thick and taming it down is like trying to tame a forest! All of my hats, no matter the size are made with a G hook. This is only because when I started crocheting, I started because I found a G hook in my house (which is funny because my mother doesn’t know how to crochet!), and so since then I create things from G hook, I usually don’t use any particular pattern when I create hats, meaning that when I make the hats, the pattern usually varies on how I’m feeling and also if I loss of memory plays a part memory because sometime I create without realizing what I’m creating, talk about being in the now lol for already made hats check out my hat section here : Dreadlock hats I won’t be making anymore of these so here ya go!

M A T E R I A L S :

G hook (but if you know that another size will better suit you, then by all means use it!)

Worsted weight yarn (preferably natural yarn, because who wants to wear synthetic shit?)

Round Cord Elastic (ONLY!!, beading elastic will not work)

Fabric Glue (Aleen’s fabric glue Embroidery needle

P A T T E R N Chain 4 Join in the beginning of the first chain

R O W 1 : sc 9 ( sc 10 if you are making it bigger)

R O W 2 : 2 dc in st until end

R O W 3 : 2 dc in each st until the second to last st, in the last st dc 1 (if you are making it bigger, do 2 dc)

R O W 4 :  1 dc in first st, 2 dc in next stitch, do this until you get to the last 4 st, the dc 1 in each of the 4 st

R O W 5 – 16 (17, 18, 19 etc. for bigger hats): 1 dc in each st

R O W 17 (18, 19 20 etc. for bigger hats) : sc in each st, fasten off

T H E   E D G I N G : The edging I create is thick, very comfortable to me, because I rarely feel the elastic! Now get a embroidery needle or if you don’t have one, you can just use a crochet hook like I’ve done many times when I couldn’t find my needle, and you weave the elastic throught the yarn, through the sc parts, weave in and out in and out and and out, until you get to the end, once you get to the end, scrunch the elastic until the opeing of the hat, measures 7″ diamter (it’s going to expand when you crochet), tie it once, put some glue on it the tie, then tie it again, maybe a little glue also depending on how you’re feeling, make sure also that you flex and stretch the hat that the hat has some good stretch from the elastic, you don’t want it to be too tight where it barely can stretch and suffocate your head Grab two ends of your skein of yarn , and sc in the last row of your hat, which should be the sc and where the elastic is, make sure when you sc you go under the elastic, so you can cover it! and then you are done!! here some samples of how it is big